Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Zaadz 2.0 – The Four Noble Truths of Software Development

This is an early draft of an intro to a tech vision doc that Aaron (the co-founder and Wizard & Chief Experience Officer of Zaadz) is creating for our new engineers (go Ryan & Josh!!!).

Too funny and too cool not to share.

Zaadz 2.0 – The Four Noble Truths of Software Development

Introduction to the Journey

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”

~ Lao Tzu

Our journey begins with the young Siddhartha, leaving the palace in India, his wife and his son Kishore, to find the noble truths to life and the secret to end suffering. Like Siddhartha, the intrepid founders of Zaadz have left the golden palaces of outsourced development, and through a difficult journey of introspection, contemplation, effort, and self-sacrifice have found the middle path, and the four noble truths of software development.

The First Noble Truth

Everything Takes Longer than You Expect

The concept behind zaadz was born many years ago. At times when it seemed as if success was inimitable and the birth of Zaadz just around the corner… and yet, the realization of this dream remained elusive. Through this time, however, the vision of what Zaadz is meant to be has evolved through the fire of hardship and challenge. Now we come to this project with new passion, and a new vision that is closer than ever to the desire that is in our hearts…

To build THE community that inspires and empowers the world to achieve their greatest dreams.

Bringing this great a vision into the world does not come about without true effort. So always remember the first noble truth. Be prepared for the long journey, work hard, and maintain your faith and passion in the dream of what we’re brining into the world even when setbacks occur. And by all means, keep yourself well capitalized.

The Second Noble Truth

Everything is Subject to Change and We Must Change With It

Ah, the impermanence of the material world. Especially in the fast paced world of technology, things are constantly changing and evolving. When faced with the daunting challenge of dismantling the entire architecture put forth by our Indian friends, Aaron was in dire need of a platform that could carry the lofty dreams of what Zaadz was destined to become.

As Aaron perused the landscape of available web development platforms, he was struck by the lack of a cohesive framework that made development simple. Then during a dream, Aaron was visited by an angel, who typed these words into his browser window…


Lo and behold, the prophet Aaron saw god, and realized that Ruby on Rails would be the framework that could bring the vision of Zaadz into the world. Faced with the difficult challenge of forgoing all that came before, the decision was discussed and made… and in the process, the Zaadz vision and technology took a leap forward into Web 2.0, and into a community of developers who are as excited about the potential of this platform to bring web programming into the next century as we are about the potential for Zaadz to help millions of people to grow in their lives.

Always be ready and willing to made a change if it will further the vision of the company and product. Be willing to consider changes, even if it means sacrificing something that is already in place… and above all, always keep an eye on the horizon for what’s coming next.

The Third Noble Truth

The Key to Providing the Best Product is to Serve the Consumer

We all have a pretty good idea of what we think is going to be a powerful offering to the web community, but we should never forget that our customers drive the success of our product.

During the early days of eteamz, in the Old Testament, the prophet Brian communicated his vision that in five years, all youth sports teams would be using the web. And lo, the prophecy came to pass through the miracle of eteamz.

Why was eteamz successful? Because we listened and responded to our customer’s needs at every opportunity. Customer feedback was regularly encouraged and suggestions were implemented as soon as possible, sometimes within the hour.

As we seek to provide the product that will truly serve our customers, remember always to seek out and listen to their needs. We will be successful to the extent that we truly provide value to the people who we are serving.

The Fourth Noble Truth

The Path to the Perfect Product is Through Our Own Self-Discovery

Our work is inexplicably tied to our lives. Some people try to escape that… others embrace it. We’re excited to be embarking on a project that we can truly believe in. But let’s never forget that our passion for this development and this company is directly related to our continual growth and development.

Years ago, I was given the opportunity, a senior fresh out of college to take part in the development of a .com company. I remember fondly the days when I sat in my room at home with a Cold Fusion manual in my lap, chatting Brian on the IM from Pittsburgh, putting the first pieces of the eteamz site together.

From that time until now, I’ve grown and evolved. I’ve learned new programming languages, wrestled with server architecture, led integration teams, managed groups of outsourced programmers and found my passion in creating technology vision and working with bright, enthusiastic people who have a desire to change the world.

Now it’s time for me to pass that torch, and give you, the developers of Zaadz the opportunity to shine. I ask you to find your passion in this development. Do the work that needs to be done but continue to dream and find ways to serve your own needs through the technology that we’re building.

After all, we, the developers of Zaadz should be the first ones to make use of tools we are building for our own personal development. And if we aren’t, we had better figure out what feature is missing, speak up, and get it developed since the success of this company is ultimately tied to our own personal success and satisfaction.


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