Wednesday, November 09, 2005

OMIGOD. The Integral Institute and the peeps who run it are cool

I just got back from Boulder, CO a couple hours ago. Spent about ten days out there. Attended an INCREDIBLE 5 day seminar put on by the Integral Institute. Wow. I'll be blogging more on that later but for now: Wow.

Kudos to all the amazing people who put that together. And all the amazing people who attended. What an experience...

And, we got to spend a couple hours chatting with Ken Wilber (have I mentioned he's a genius...oh yah, I did...) about what we're up to at Zaadz and how our tools can help develop his community. Fun. We're excited to be working with the crew (go Casey and Rollie!! :) over the next coupla months (and beyond) to bring some cool stuff to the world. Woo hoo.

(btw: if you haven't subscribed to Integral Naked yet, what are you waiting for?!!?!? Find a better way to spend $10/month and I'll buy you a pack of gum...or something...Seriously. Get on that!!)

Other exciting news from the week: spent some time with Shawn Phillips. One insanely cool dood who we can't wait to bring into the Zaadz community as well.

Fun. Fun. Fun.


Time for me to get some sleep. I've missed my bed. :)


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