Friday, October 14, 2005

Zaadz Artist

Speaking of circulating wealth, go check out (and buy!) the amazing art from one of our poster Zaadz members:

BAD! Kitty Art Studio artist blog: Art with A SOUL Saucy Bold Joyful Real

Heather epitomizes the idea of discovering what you're here to do then having the courage and faith and all that good stuff to get paid to do it.

Her art rocks and she has these unbelievably cool things to say about Zaadz:

"Go to to see where I get a lot of my inspirations...Brian Johnson the modern day guru, is a terrific guy, one of my hero's really, and just a really great HUMAN...well I give his little web site a lot of the credit for three years ago pulling me from the depths of despair and moving me back onto the path. I was so lucky to have found him, and then he was kind enough (later) to befriend me as well. It's only THE best place for finding yourself again. Check it out, and join the community, it's THE most supportive place for inner growth I have ever found."

Blushing from the comments on me and THRILLED about the italicized. That sums up what we're all about: providing a community that inspires and empowers people to get paid to do what they love while giving their greatest strengths to the world.

Go Heather!!!!!

Have I mentioned how excited I am to show you the stuff we're working on?

Fun. :)


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