Wednesday, October 05, 2005

On Veganism

As I write a little essay on why I'm vegan, I'm trying to figure out why anyone wouldn't be. I honestly can't imagine how a thinking, aware, compassionate individual couldn't look at what's up and not decide to become vegan...

Anyhoo, here are my four reasons why someone wouldn't be vegan:

1. Lack of awareness. These people just don't know about all the disgusting stuff/suffering that goes on at a factory farm and/or how meat and dairy affect our bodies and/or how consuming the amount of animal products we consume is destroying our environment, etc.

2. Lack of compassion. These people know or have been exposed to the truth but think "hamburgers taste too good to give up" and don't want to look too closely at slaughterhouses b/c it might just force them to change...

3. Lack of courage. These guys and gals know what's up and have some compassion but don't want to offend mom and dad/friends by no longer eating hot dogs at the family barbecue or Turkey at Thanksgiving. I guess it's not easy (?) but come on.

4. Lack of discipline. These people know what they should do, they actually care about their world and want to see less suffering but they don't have the will power to actually create new habits and create a lifestyle that supports what they know to be true...

I've personally been through each of the four reasons, so I speak from experience...

So, I understand #1. If you just don't know, you just don't know. (And, I'm excited to see the surging shift in awareness that's occuring...) But if you're thinking, care about life and strive to match your behaviors with your beliefs, I honestly don't see how you could possibly not adjust your lifestyle.

Am I missing something here?


At 11:52 PM, Blogger WebMaster said...


I completely agree with you. I think, for most people who "can" think, it only comes down to gather enough courage and clarity in mind to change the age-old habit of eating meat.

I also just posted a blurp on my own blog about the two-sides of the conflicts that I have faced while making the final switch to vegan.

Umesh Adtani - on being Vegan

It is surely nice to learn that you are a vegan person. After reading your material on and Zaadz community posts, I almost expected you to be vegan person. A person of thought and courage could almost never be a non vegetarian person.

Keep up the good work Brian,
You sure are changing lives.
Umesh Adtani


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