Thursday, October 27, 2005

Leaf Cuisine is expanding!! Woo hoo!!!

So excited.

One of my favorite restaurants in LA is opening up its second restaurant.

Rod Rotundi, the brilliant soul behind Leaf Cuisine, has figured out a way to create incredible d-liscious raw food (amazing salads, wraps, smoothies, etc.) at incredibly affordable prices. (And, he should charge for the energy he creates in his restaurants alone! Seriously.)

If you haven't been to the Leaf in Culver City (on Washington just west of the 405) then get over there. If you're closer to the Valley, then cruise on over to the opening day party on November 12th from noon to six. Guaranteed to be a great time with the amazing people and energy that Leaf attracts.

Here's where it's all happenin'

Leaf in the Valley!

We are turning over a "new Leaf" in Sherman Oaks onVentura Blvd!

Grand Opening Party on November 12th from noon to 6 PM.

14318 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
(Oak Ridge Plaza- cross street is Beverly Glen)

Congrats, Rod! Keep up the outstanding work!!!! (And the simply d-liscious food!!)

(OMIGOD I can't wait till there's a leaf next to every Micky-D's... :)


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