Sunday, October 09, 2005

Ken Wilber: Integral Naked

Holy sh*t, Batman!

As I mentioned before, Ken Wilber is a genius.

Check out Integral Naked, an online community/resource/content site where he interviews all kinds of amazing people--from Tony Robbins (the energy between these two in a dialogue is incredible) to Andrew Cohen (the enlightenment teacher and publisher of the great magazine What Is Enlightenment?) to Larry Wachowski (the elder of the two brothers behind The Matrix).

Membership is $10/month and you get access to an archive of INSANELY cool content you can download straight to your iPod and enter nirvana.

Don't walk. Run.



At 1:29 AM, Blogger pashmina said...

Hello Brian!

I'm always happy when I see someone new interested in integral. I got to your posts on IWET and Integral Naked from some RSS trackers. And I was even more happy when I perused the websites you founded, kudos!

I like the Zaadz philosophy, it resonates with what I do with technology too. How far away are you from launching? I'm surprised you have no group blog for the Zaadz team, guess I'll catch ya on the community bb and suggest it!


At 12:54 AM, Blogger Brian Johnson said...

Hi Pashmina!

Thanks for the kind words and support and great idea!




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