Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Bill Moyers on the environment

The Blind lead the Blind by Bill Moyers


I found the address on this amazing site which states that "The following Keynote Speech was delivered on October 1st, 2005 to the Society of Environmental Journalists at their convention in Austin, Texas. " (thanks to my new friend David for the intro...)

It's long, but WELL worth the read.

In his address, Moyers provides a powerful assault on the current state of environmental consciousness, a pointed attack on our current administration's digusting destruction of our natural resources, the ecological impacts of such action and, ultimately, our responsibility to do something about it.

Read it. Pretty please. It's the best primer you can read by one of our country's most brilliant men.

A few of the more poignant passages:

"President Bush has turned the agencies charged with environmental protection over to people who don't believe in it. To run the Interior Department he chose a long-time defender of polluters who has opposed laws to safeguard wildlife, habitat, and public lands. To run the Forest Service he chose a timber industry lobbyist. To oversee our public lands he named a mining industry lobbyist who believes public lands are unconstitutional. To run the Superfund he chose a woman who made a living advising corporate polluters how to evade the Superfund. And in the White House office of environmental policy the President placed a lobbyist from the American Petroleum Institute whose mission was to make sure the government's scientific reports on global warming didn't contradict the party line and the interest of oil companies. Everywhere you look, the foxes own the chicken coop."


"So if the environmental movement is pronounced dead, it won't be from self-inflicted wounds. We don't blame slavery on the slaves, the Trail of Tears on the Cherokees, or the Srebrenica massacre on the bodies in the grave. No, the lethal threat to the environmental movement comes from the predatory power of money and the pathological enmity of rightwing ideology."


"Who is left to open the eyes of the country - to tell Americans what is happening? "There is no one left; none but all of us."


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