Sunday, October 09, 2005

Albertson's Says: Vaginas Are Bad!

Hah. Just read this article on how Albertson's recently pulled Seventeen magazine b/c it had an article on vaginas (OMIGOD! did I just say "vaginas"?!?) aimed at educating women about their health.

So, it’s OK to have magazines with nearly-naked chicks and directions on how to get in their vaginas, but OMIGOD don’t talk about a woman’s vagina and pubic hair and stuff! (And DEFINITELY don't show colored drawings and a couple of little pictures.)

An Albertson's rep says: "It's the corporation's right to decide what goes on our shelves and what doesn't. They're our stores; we own them."

Good point!

And, it's the consumers' right to decide where we're going to spend our money.

I don't know about you, but out of principle I won't be spending another dollar at Albertson's. As much as I love to imagine how much of my money they'd be able to contribute to the next right wing politician's campaign, I think I'm gonna pass on giving them any mo' of my money.

Go Whole Foods!

I'm going to be coming back to the idea of consciously spending your money with business owners who share your values. In fact, that's at the heart of what we're up to at Zaadz.

And, another OMIGOD!:

OMIGOD! I can't wait to show you the stuff we're gonna start rolling out this month. Fun. Fun. FUN!


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