Sunday, September 11, 2005

PETA 25th Anniversary Gala

I volunteered last night at the 25th anniversary of PETA gala to help out my friend Tanya from Native Foods. Amazing event and a lot of fun.

Met some awesome people who are up to some incredible stuff within the vegan/animal rights/social activism world. Here's a quick shout out to a few who are involved in organizations you might like to learn more about:
  • Nathan Runkle, the founder of Mercy for Animals: Nathan won an award last night for the work he's been doing since he was FIFTEEN (!) years old. Check it out and get involved.
  • If you're in the bay area, you should definitely check out the Bay Area Vegetarians group. I met the co-founders, Tammy and Chris who are awesome.
  • And, we can't forget the lovely ladies from Vegan Vixens. Vegan and hot hot hot hot hot. And funny. Check em out here.


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