Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Mad Cowboy

Just got back from a screening of the new documentary featuring the Mad Cowboy, Howard Lyman.

Amazing. And, another frightening reminder of just how unaware we all are about what's going on in Factory Farms around the US. Disgusting...

Take a trip to a slaughterhouse to see one of the 10 BILLION animals killed in the US each year and I don't think you'd be eating much meat. But alas, we're all so far from the process that we can just keep on eating our hamburgers and chicken wings and not think anything of it...

But, the times are changing...

Take a trip over to the Mad Cowboy's site and enjoy some of the following:

WELCOME! This website is about Howard Lyman (4th generation cattle rancher and vegan), his inspiring life, the Oprah Trial, the filming of the "Mad Cowboy" Feature Documentary, the book "Mad Cowboy," Voice for a Viable Future, his speaking schedule, and over 350 REFERENCED FACTOIDS for anyone to use about Mad Cow Disease, Vegetarianism, the Environment, Human Health, and Animal Rights.


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